Big Science says Harrumph to Trumph

Who may not need to care. The editors of Nature pile on Kelvin Droegemeier, the new science adviser to the White House:

The job description could come straight from the speech of a best man at a wedding: a great honour, but nobody really wants to do it. So just how will respected scientist Kelvin Droegemeier cope with being science adviser to a US president who seems to have a lack of interest in both science and advice? …

Some realpolitik will be necessary. Droegemeier is going to need to present all his advice in terms of economics and US competitiveness. Being effective requires engaging with many sectors and power players, and making compromises that some scientists might think subjugate science to other interests. But compromises are necessary if science is to continue having a voice in the White House at all. More.

Reality check: It won’t be their fault if he comes off looking bad. It sounds very much as though, in their ideal world, people would live for science and not the other way around.

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