New Canada food guide tastes like crap

New Canada food guide calls for plant-based diet, pushes salt and saturated fat to the side

The latest iteration of Health Canada’s advice on what to eat has taken those two former dietary staples almost entirely off our plates and replaced them mainly with leafier vegetables, alternative proteins, such as tofu and beans, and whole grains, such as quinoa.

Finally released Tuesday after a long delay, the 2019 guide advises Canadians to limit sugar, salt and saturated fat and, in a departure from previous guides, embrace a plant-based diet.

A dinner plate that is half-full of brightly coloured veggies has replaced the rainbow and pyramid as the guide’s new image. Small cubes of beef and thin slices of poultry are almost hidden on the plate beneath chickpeas and walnuts.

Tastes like left-wing nanny-state crap. This is a political document not a food guide which I suspect was written by stealth eco-Luddite vegans.