The pussyhat becomes a symbol of oppression

From Jamie E. Shenton at Sapiens:

Tens of thousands of people chose to wear the pussyhat at demonstrations around the country. A survey I administered a year ago probed the feelings of both proponents and opponents of the hat. Supporters saw the hat as a simple yet bold statement against misogyny that packed a visual punch; many felt empowered by such an unapologetic embrace of femininity.

Critics felt it excluded women with pussies that are brown or black, and women without female genitalia; further, the hat potentially perpetuated some of the very same stereotypes—women can be represented by their genitalia, pink means feminine—that the movement sought to avoid. Thus, the pussyhat, many resisters complained, took a step back toward gender and race normativity; it could not account for the complexity of the social challenges facing women today.

A truly unifying symbol of women’s rights has yet to emerge and may, indeed, be an impossibility. More.

Reality check: Doesn’t it all want to make you rush out and join the Woke?! Like, the fun we would all have!

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