The kids with no name turned out to be everybody

From Stefano Gennarini at MercatorNet:

While the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the treatises that made its lofty provisions into binding international law were never understood to exclude the unborn from the protection of international law, they were also never understood to encompass any positive obligations with regard to protection of children before birth.

This was deliberately done to accommodate the permissive abortion regimes of Communist nations. Essentially, international human rights law leaves the scope of protections afforded children before birth to sovereign states.

This has de facto, even if not de jure, stripped children before birth of any international human rights protections. And it has been the status quo ever since the founding of the United Nations. More.

Reality check: And they paved the way for euthanasia. We are all “the fetus” now.

See also: Some Dutch worry that euthanasia has “gone too far.” Exactly. Was there something else they wanted to know?