Investigative journalist: Why Buzzfeed should have doubted that Cohen story

From Phelim McAleer at Townhall about reporter John Leopold’s many troubles with fact vs. fiction:

Of course anyone can make a mistake and maybe Leopold was misled by his “multiple sources” but in another story it looks like Leopold was involved in fraud and forgery of documents bolstering a story. In a 2002 story for Salon about energy company Enron, Leopold quoted a damning email which the subject of the story denied ever writing. After much prevaricating, Leopold eventually produced a “faxed copy of the email” with no headers or other identifying details. He never produced an original. The story was eventually removed from Salon’s archive…

We hear a lot about how President Trump has apparently damaged institutions and democracy. The media claim he is “ethically challenged.” But perhaps the real story to emerge from this presidency is how the media is ethically challenged and have thrown all standards aside in their desire to bring the president down. More.

Reality check: If the dying mainstream media could bring Trump down, they would convince themselves that they are still viable. The fact that they could do so with a false story would actually secure their survival far more surely than if they had to think up a true one.

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