Twenty-three members of the same family from Roubaix France joined ISIS

Note – Google translate. 23 members of one family joined ISIS. They were supported by two of the sisters who remained in France. The sisters sent money to Syria from the accounts of family members who had left the country and joined ISIS but still received state “family allowance” benefits. France. What a country. Just like Canada. Shit.

Jihad Two Roubaisian sisters sent family allowances to their jihadist brother (Link to Source)

Twenty-three members of the same family from Roubaix joined the ISIS group in Syria. The trial in the correctional court of the two sisters of Tourquennois Fodil T., began in Paris. The two women are accused of sending thousands of euros to their parents, their brother, their six sisters, their brothers-in-law, their nephews, who never returned to France. They are tried for financing terrorism, according to the court, sent 15,000 euros in Syria.

Thousands of euros sent to Syria

The departure of most members of this family from Roubaix (North) to areas held by the jihadist Islamic State (IS), a young man, described as authoritarian, violent and ready to die for this cause, the brother of two sisters Roubaisian: T. Fodil . At 28, the only son of this siblings of nine children had won Syria in 2013 with a partner and child. Her two younger sisters had followed with their families. Then the eldest had joined the siblings. Then the mother, desperate for the departure of her only son. Then the father. And three other sisters and their families.

Long black hair, yellow blouse and studded boots for one, creoles and pink jacket for the other, the two young women, who appear free under judicial control, are sitting side by side on the bench of the defendants. On the bench, there is a woman aged 36, an Algerian national, living RSA and a French 31 years working as assistant housekeeper .

To send money to their families, the two women had withdrawn 30,000 euros from the accounts of their sisters, who still received family allowances after their departure ” You understand that it is quite shocking, when we think about the origin of these funds, “commented the President. Both assure that it was in no way to finance the jihadist cause but to help relatives in “need”. This money was ” for the medical expenses, to get them out of this gear in which they came back, ” insists one of the defendants. She cites in particular the complicated births of two nephews, another nephew with one leg amputated following an accident. ” Whether me or my sister, it has nothing to do with the state islamiqu e , “she proclaims.

No family member returned to France

Both are also tried for criminal conspiracy , for adhering to the Islamic State ideology and providing logistical support to a girl who wanted to go to Syria. The main concerned by this component, explains having acted under the “pressure of patient” of his brother Fodil. The girl was finally arrested in time.

In Syria, their family has grown even larger. None of its members returned to France. Their mother, suffering, would have died in a hospital. Their elderly father would be in a Kurdish prison like Fodil. Many of their brothers-in-law died in action. And many of their sisters and their many children would wander, according to the main defendant, ” in a sort of desert “, fleeing according to her at the same time the troops of Bashar Al-Assad and the IS.

The trial continues until Friday.