Oxford college bans octopus from menu in bid to make disadvantaged students feel more ‘comfortable’… At the pagan witch orgy?

An Oxford college president has demanded that octopus is removed from the menu as part of a drive to make disadvantaged students feel more “comfortable”.

Baroness Jan Royall, head of Somerville, said she wants to “change the culture” of the college to make sure it is “welcoming for all”.

The Labour peer told how after receiving a complaint from a first-year student about an octopus terrine dish, she instructed Somerville’s catering staff to replace it with a less adventurous alternative.

Oxford University society holds ‘pagan witch orgy’-themed party at Airbnb mansion leaving elderly neighbours shocked

A notorious Oxford University society held a ‘pagan witch orgy’-themed party at an Airbnb mansion – shocking elderly neighbours.

Around 50 students partied at the rented house. Some revellers were semi-naked and dressed in fetish gear, while one wore a plastic horse’s head.