One of Justin’s Free Range Jihadis: “the title of having been a Mujahideen…it’s just not something you want to give up so easily.”

ISIS Fighter From ‘Caliphate’ Says the RCMP Is De-Radicalizing Him

Amidst the backdrop of a continuing war against ISIS—which has lost most of its territory in Syria but remains an international terror threat—countries around the globe are still contending with what to do with the former militants who return home.

But one infamous Canadian ISIS fighter, who once slipped back into Canada undetected, claims western citizens worried about ex-militants like himself have nothing to fear.

“We all want to put the bad things we’ve done behind us, not be belittled for it,” said the Toronto-area resident and university student going by the jihadi nom de guerre Abu Huzaifa al-Kanadi. “I know it may sound weird but listening to us, hearing us out… because we all want to move forward.”

Why isn’t he moving forward to a stake in front of a firing squad? This is the end result of Liberal Identity Politics: Murderous Muslims roam our streets.