Trump Derangement Syndrome: Woman’s obit blames death partly on Trump

Who had nothing to do with it except that some people obsess about him. “87-year-old diehard Democrat, Frances Irene Finley Williams” was one. From Beth Baumann at Townhall:

And the family says President Donald Trump had a large part to do with it. In fact, Williams told her daughter in early 2018 that, “If I die soon, all this Trump stuff has had an effect.”

When Williams passed, her family decided to make a rather strange move: they added a line in her obituary to place partial blame on Trump for the woman’s death, the Courier Journal reported.

“Her passing was hastened by her continued frustration with the Trump administration.” More.

Reality check: It’s not as rare as readers may think, I know of a number of cases of Canadians (Canadians!) completely unhinged by Trump. It seemed to me that they were damaging their own well-being without in any way hurting him. And I can’t think of a just reason to blame him for their choices either.

Perhaps it is more like this: Trump only represents something that freaks them out. If I am right, here is how we will know: When he is not on the scene, they will have a puzzling obsession about someone else, one that is only understood in terms of their fear that something is irrevocably changing and they can’t just shout STOP! And make it stop. No?

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