Sure enough, Gillette is a sunset business anyway…

By experience, I find that the Get Woke Go Broke people are, more often than not, already subject to market forces that bode no good for them. They are parasitized by the raging Woke when they are already weakened.

Along those lines, consider this about Gillette, busy razoring off its customers via PC lectures: From Jon Gabriel at Ricochet:

Gillette has had a rough few years. The former shaving hegemon has seen its market share plummet due to a resurgence in classic “wet shaving,” online razor subscription services, and the popularity of beards. Gillette’s obvious options are to lower their artificially high price or drastically improve their quality. Instead, they’ve decided to make their remaining customers feel bad about themselves through an expensive new ad campaign…

A century ago, King Gillette revolutionized marketing by offering a dirt-cheap (or free) razor handle. He then sold replacement razors at a high markup, locking consumers into a lifetime of expensive refills. Many imitators followed his model, something you notice every time you replace ink cartridges in your printer. More.

Reality check: An excellent mini-business case study that will leave you much wiser about at least one of the participants in the current March Against Men.

See also: Righteousness returns! Gillette tut-tuts anger over “Woke” razor ads They say their ad is mostly accepted. Some of us say, wait for the financials first.