Righteousness returns! Gillette tut-tuts the anger over “Woke” razor ads

From Joe Berkowitz at Fast Company:

Just a couple days (and over 13 million views) after the ad’s debut, Gillette has been accused of everything from perpetuating a war against men to donning a cloak of wokeness in order to cash in on the progressive air of our current cultural climate. However, just because the ad has provoked a divisive reaction doesn’t mean it was designed merely to generate brand awareness through chaos.

“We weren’t trying to court controversy,” says Gillette brand director Pankaj Bhalla. “We were just trying to upgrade the selling line that we’ve held for 30 years–the Best a Man Can Get–and make it relevant. I don’t think our intention was to have controversy just for the sake of controversy.” More.

Reality check: Fast Company claims the response was generally positive. I’d recommend waiting for the financials. Guys don’t vote for razors; they buy them. Or don’t.

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