Facebook’s Secret Censorship Rules?: They’re rules for YOU, not for others

From Mind Matters:

The trouble is, Facebook seeks the impossible: a global approach to a world where fundamental values differ markedly by region. In Canada, threatening violence usually means prompt attention from the police; in Sri Lanka, it may be a routine aspect of civil conflict. But where global rules for censorship may prove impossible, selective censorship is comparatively easy. However, it conflicts with historic freedoms in many regions:

“Facebook bans more groups in countries where pressure is applied. Far left activist groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center are able to exert undue influence on Facebook in order to get people and groups on the right in the U.S. banned. Facebook in fact partners with the SPLC. RACHEL ALEXANDER , “LEAKED: Facebook’s Draconian Secret Rulebook for Regulating Political Speech” at The Stream

Groups of which Southern Poverty Law Center disapproves, for political reasons, are not chosen exclusively because they break the law or pose a threat of violence to the public. One non-violent family values group, Family Research Council, was targeted by a shooter in 2012 because the Council was listed as a hate group on the Southern Poverty Law Center website.

As Alexander says, “No one elected Facebook to decide how speech should be regulated.” One could say the same for the groups that are helping Facebook decide. More.

Reality check: On the other hand, as tech philosopher George Gilder has said, if you don’t pay for the service, chance are, you are the product. The product is to the customer as the hamburger is to the mouth. We’re all going to learn the hard way about this glorious free internet.

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