Biblical Kindness Does Not Demand Self-Destruction

Reflections on illegal immigration and what is owed.

Some are invoking the Biblical verse “Thou shalt not afflict the stranger” as justification for awarding illegal immigrants a full basket of on-going social services. California’s newly elected governor, Gavin Newsom, as well as NYC’s mayor Bill de Blasio will be taxing local residents additional monies to pay for free and across-the-board healthcare for illegals, which will become a magnet attracting even more illegals to their Sanctuary locations.

In most matters the Bible teaches discernment, and there is a distinct difference between not afflicting another as opposed to requiring that we subsidize an entire life, especially when the burden of that support falls on the shoulders of already over-taxed families, themselves not beneficiaries of such “entitlements.” Basic respect and kindness is one thing — it is a sign of our humanity. However, onerous sacrifice, bankruptcy, and societal suicide resulting in one’s own self-destruction is something not required.