Annals of useless victimhood: Jewish woman finds boycotting anti-Semitic march a “tough call”

Say what you want about the Woke, they’re pretty selfless. From Angie Leventis Lourgos at The Chicago Tribune:

Yet as the next anniversary approaches Saturday, Smith — who is Jewish and lives in the Ukrainian Village neighborhood — doesn’t know if she’ll even take part, given mounting accusations of anti-Semitism against leaders of the national organization Women’s March Inc.

“It’s a really confusing issue, because I’m strongly opposed to Donald Trump and I want to do everything I can to repudiate his message and policy,” Smith said. “But I can’t march with a body that doesn’t accept who I am or doesn’t value who I am.” More.

Reality check: Huh? What’s the tough call if you are a Jewish American woman? Stay home from all events tainted by anti-Semitism.

Don’t go, don’t give, don’t answer the phone when they call. Tell them by e-mail not to contact you until they have got rid of the anti-Semites.

Re Donald Trump, you have a vote, right? Vote for whoever you think represents your interests. If you can’t find any such person, you have surely been making some mistakes.

Forget the Women’s March. Fix those mistakes first before something really serious happens and you find out that you have let the anti-Semites have real power…

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