Says he’s Canadian…

Interesting speculation that Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed may be the narrator of the ISIS “Flames of War” video. It is claimed he is seen performing an execution at the end of “Flames of War”

That should earn him at least 20 million from Justin.

Parts two and three.

And this fine “Canadian” says she only wanted to “hurt and scare” people in the name of ISIS

A woman facing terror charges in connection with an alleged attack inside a Scarborough Canadian Tire back in 2017 told investigators that she wanted to “hurt and scare” people in the name of ISIS but was not attempting to kill anyone, according to a statement of facts introduced during her trial on Wednesday.

A lawyer for the Crown read the six-page document into the record on Wednesday and then asked Rehab Dughmosh whether it was true. She noted that it was.

The statement of facts says that Dughmosh started to make dozens of homemade weapons in the spring of 2017 while contemplating an attack in Toronto.