SAS soldier ran into Kenyan hotel and exchanged fire with Muslim terrorists slaughtering guests and helped free survivors

A British SAS hero jumped in to fight a group of Islamist terrorists who launched an attack on a luxury hotel in Kenya, killing 14 people, on Tuesday.

Photos from the scenes yesterday show the off-duty Special Forces personnel with combat gear over a casual jeans and purple shirt storming the building and rescuing civilians.

Tuesday’s terror attack at a hotel and office complex in Nairobi saw five gunmen kill 14 people, including an unnamed Briton and a 41-year-old U.S. businessman, after detonating car bombs outside.

Note how they have hidden his face for security reasons. While it is a common practice to protect the identity of covert special forces personnel I suspect the greater risk of retaliation falls on his family at home in multicultural England. Ain’t diversity grand?

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