Oh Oh! There Goes The Liberal Party’s Islam Narrative: Saudi teen who fled ‘abusive’ family celebrates freedom with bacon!

A Saudi teen who fled her family saying she feared for her life has gleefully shared snaps of her new life in Canada – including eating bacon and drinking Starbucks.

Rahaf Mohammed, 18, was at the heart of a worldwide storm when she barricaded herself in a hotel room at Bangkok Airport after running away.

Rahaf – who has renounced her last name, al-Qunun – alleged she suffered horrific abuse at her family’s hands, which they deny.

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that Canada’s MSM has steered clear of any mention of Islam in the Rahaf Mohammed affair. And I certainly don’t recall seeing a post about Ms. Mohammed’s zeal for bacon at any of our media outlets. It’s as if they were all taking their marching orders from a central source. A source with an agenda to not offend the Muslim vote bloc, especially in an election year. Why it’s almost as if they were paid stooges promoting the Big Lie that Islam is the “religion of peace”. But who could that mysterious behind the scenes string puller be?

I suspect the LPC is grateful Ms. Mohammed has gone radio silent, likely at their direction. The Liberal Party is terrified that she has upended their lies about Islam. That simply won’t do in an election year and Canada’s bought and paid for media are complicit in propagating this lie. Rafah now has 24/7 security based on internet threats. I believe they may be more worried that Ms. Mohammed will face increased domestic threats from within Canada’s Muslim community if the role that Islam played in her treatment were publicly acknowledged. But never expect such an admission from the Trudeau government.

h/t TB