Rahaf is under “new management” – CBC devotes article to oppression suffered by Saudi Refugee… fails to mention Islam once

Saudi teen who fled her family and risked her life says she had nothing to lose

A Saudi teen who arrived in Canada Saturday after fleeing her family says she needed to risk her life in order to live freely and be independent, and is very happy to be in Canada.

“I felt that I was reborn, especially when I felt the love and the welcome.”

Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun, 18, told the CBC’s Susan Ormiston in an interview on Monday that she never thought there was even a one per cent chance that she would be able to come to Canada, or that people would be talking about her story around the world.

Much is said about the oppression of Rahaf and women in general in Saudi Arabia… yet not single mention of Islam. Rahaf is under “new management”.