Philadelphia war on soda pop flops

From Kyle Smith at National Review:

A 42 percent decrease in soda sales within city limits was more than made up for by a large increase in soda sales in stores within two miles outside Philly. And the expected gusher of revenue didn’t quite materialize either, as receipts fell about 15 percent short of projections. “In summary, the tax does not lead to a shift in consumption towards healthier products, it affects low income households more severely, and it is limited in its ability to raise revenue,” the study said.

Philadelphians without access to the suburbs declined the city’s push to get them to drink less-fattening beverages. “We find no significant reduction in calorie and sugar intake,” the authors concluded. (A different study in the U.K. found that those who consume the most sugar are the least likely to reduce soda consumption.) More.

Reality check: They need to ban all sugar and institute compulsory exercise while singing Correct songs.

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