Lifetime Documentary ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Proves American Fathers Have Been Castrated

I spent the weekend watching episodes one through five and am in a state of shock and horror at the degenerate crap rich people can get away with. I’m from Chicago and I remember when R. Kelly was arrested for child pornography. I never watched the tape (that apparently everyone saw, which is another thing about this story I don’t understand. If there is a tape of a man having sex with a child, do not watch it, people. Turn it over to the police. What is wrong with you?). Somehow the details of his awful behavior escaped my notice. All I remember is that he was found not guilty. It turns out that the two main reasons for that were that the judge threw out major evidence of other sex tapes with minors found in his home because of a technicality, and the parents of the 14-year-old victim refused to identify her on the tape, even though other relatives and friends said it was her.