CBC’s Islamist 5th Columnists Spring Into Action – Saudi Refugee Girl Will Be Used By “Far Right” To Make Muslims Look Bad!

Who benefits from rescuing Rahaf? Questions linger after whirlwind story of Saudi teen’s asylum

Hey CBC, Islam is the expert at making Islam look bad and needs no help from me. Following a couple of choice quotes from the article…

“…Canada and Saudi Arabia are in a political battle currently, so because this woman is Saudi, my sense is that there was some political motive in promoting the ‘rescuing’ of a Saudi girl,” said Ryerson University professor Mehrunnisa Ali.

“Of course, the rescuing of oppressed people is a Western narrative in many different ways but the securing of a Saudi woman being oppressed by her family and her country sharpens this narrative in ways that may not have been possible otherwise.” (Ed. OK we’ll send you back to the Islamist shithole of your choosing to free you of our oppression!)

“…Many on the far-right love ex-Muslims, and many ex-Muslims on the far-right often present themselves as so-called native informants presenting to the mainstream the real ‘truth’ about Muslims,” he said.

“It’s perhaps not surprising that many of these individuals on the far-right encouraged Canada to accept Rahaf after it was rumoured that she had abandoned Islam. To be clear, I’m very happy that Canada let her in but … I’m going to go out on a limb and say there are some ulterior motives there.” (Ed. As an aside I’ve never trusted this guy’s motives, glad he’s proven my instincts correct)

They’re right! Look at this exploitation of Rahaf by Freeland! I believe the author of this tripe also broke the “story” of the ludicrous Islamist propaganda CBC attempted to pass off as the “family statement” of the Muslim terrorist who went on the Danforth murder spree.