CBC horrified to discover polygamy in the Muslim community!

A man ‘cannot do that to a woman’: Why polygamy in Canadian Muslim community could be another #MeToo moment

Zaib’s life began to unravel with an unexpected phone call from her husband in early 2018.

He told her he had married a second wife, an announcement that took the Toronto woman by surprise.

“I went into shock mode. I was in a state of denial, saying no, no, this can’t be happening. I started getting the symptoms of anxiety, depression and crying spells,” Zaib told CBC’s The Fifth Estate.

Zaib, whose last name CBC has agreed to withhold, said she got so sick her doctor recommended an extended leave of absence from work.

This is very old news in Canada and I suspect may be  part of a set up by the CBC to paint the Liberal Party as “saviors of women” in an election year and whitewash their association with Islamists. Next up on CBC will be a Liberal party cabinet minister, maybe even PM Pisspot hisself, huffing and puffing about putting a stop to this or that while chastising normal people for being “Islamophobes”.

Bottom line – If you voted for Justin Trudeau then this is what you voted for – Islam and all its horror.