Battlefield Five game gets Woke, goes broke

From dryriver at Slashdot:

First came the fierce cultural internet backlash from gamers to the Battlefield 5 reveal trailer — EA tried to inject so much 21st Century gender diversity and Hollywood action-movie style fighting into what was supposed to be a reasonably historically accurate WWII shooter trailer, that many gamers felt the game would be “a seriously inauthentic portrayal of what WW2 warfare really was like.” Then the game sold very poorly after a delayed launch date … More.

Reality check: Do the developers dream of a day when the next progressive government will legislate Wokeness into popular culture and they can force everyone to buy, watch, use, and pretend to enjoy it anyway? Otherwise, at this point, why are they still doing it?

See also: At the Rebel: Transgender James Bond a foregone flop: At one time, “woke” meant saying and doing transgressive things that people really liked, even if they felt guilty about it. But who wants to trade Bond and Pussy for Zhe and Zher? And the people who want to see Zhe and Zher probably didn’t particularly want to see Bond and Pussy. There’s no crossover business. So it’ll be telling if this foregone flop gets made.