Weather Channel being sued by Los Angeles for selling users’ data

From Sam Blum at Popular Mechanics:

Though all third-party weather apps require users’ precise location data to perform their sometimes singular function of providing weather forecasts, the complaint filed by Los Angeles city attorney Michael N. Feuer against The Weather Company paints the Weather Channel App as a profitable mass-surveillance tool that made unwitting pawns of its users. The suit insists the app repeatedly fell short of its obligation to be transparent about what it does with the data of the 45 million people who activate the app each month. And what it does is peddle location data to at least a dozen advertising firms, in addition to hedge funds that analyze consumer behavior.More.

Reality check: The problem is that the true cost of “free” social media is that we ourselves are the product. They stay in business by selling us. It’s Google Marxism, borderless and just as respectful of our privacy as the old kind.

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