Ocasio-Cortez vs. Joe Lieberman over Dem’s future

From John Dempsey at Townhall:

Lieberman who has not been in the news much lately made an appearance on Fox News Business and interviewed on Neil Cavuto Coast to Coast. Lieberman offered a sharp rebuke of AOC as she also is known. He said that she was not the future of the liberal caucus and if she was the party was over.

This did not sit well with Ocasio-Cortez. She replied to him via Twitter saying, ”New party, who dis?” With 2.2 million Twitter followers it is easy to see how she will create a divide in the party. If she continues down this road, she will not become an effective leader. AOC will alienate herself and become ineffective.More.

Reality check: A lot depends on whether unemployable basement-dwellers think they have anything to lose by just going on a rampage. Many progressive leaders have thought they can control the mobs they incite and end up getting steamrolled by them. They learn to late that many people don’t need a lot of incentive to feel wronged by life and justified in taking revenge on whoever they think isn’t hurting enough. The first casualty is facts about the situation.

See also: Mark Steyn on why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes is popular despite math troubles He understands her appeal to people who have experienced hardship and don’t want to think about causes, effects, solutions, and unintended consequences.