Now Hollywood gets a chance to test its ideals

In a more perfect world, the Woke establishment will NOT be able to unload this on the taxpayer but must come up with the cash and the solutions themselves:

From Scott Johnson and Peter Kiefer at Hollywood Reporter:

With swelling transient encampments abutting seven-figure homes, the beachside enclave has emerged as a flashpoint for the inequality shaping Los Angeles — and a real-world test case for the liberal ideology of the area’s showbiz residents.

After the first attack, Randy Osborn figured it was just his turn. Tire slashings in his east Venice Beach neighborhood had become commonplace. But when his vintage Land Rover was hit a sixth time in the course of a few months, Osborn, who runs a small virtual reality company and has lived in Venice for seven years, began to worry he was being singled out.More.

Reality check: He is being mugged by reality. They all are. Not that they will learn anything, tone down the rhetoric, or come up with useful solutions. They will just hate reality nd the rest of us more.

See also: At the Rebel: Transgender James Bond a foregone flop: At one time, “woke” meant saying and doing transgressive things that people really liked, even if they felt guilty about it. But who wants to trade Bond and Pussy for Zhe and Zher? And the people who want to see Zhe and Zher probably didn’t particularly want to see Bond and Pussy. There’s no crossover business. So it’ll be telling if this foregone flop gets made.