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REVIEW: Bards Of War – Fighting Is Everything

In July of 2006 filmmaker and citizen journalist Scott Kesterson was asked to cover Operation Mountain Thrust. The operation was led by COL Ian Hope, commander of Canada’s Task Force Orion. The mission was to attack Taliban sanctuaries in key areas of Kandahar and Helmand Provinces. These areas were a hotbed of insurgent activity, and the center point for their opium production, finance and terror operations.

Kesterson was attached to Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, known as the “Patricia’s”. The events that unfolded were an awakening, showing Canada and the world that the soldiers of this quiet neighbor up north understood the meaning of conviction, ruthlessness and righteousness.

The lesson we all learned was clear… fighting is everything.

The radical left’s infiltration of academia​ creating generations of ideological robots

Academia is in need of serious reform, and it must happen quickly. Long gone are the days of bipartisan debate among intellectuals. It seems like centuries ago when universities were home to a diverse array of thought.

Nowadays, students who identify as conservative (or, perhaps more generally, simply hold opinions that dissent from the politically correct norm) have become silenced as part of academia’s casual propagation of left-wing discourse. The sheer admittance of disagreement with leftist policies lands one in an uncomfortable position. Fearing harassment and being labeled in an abhorrent fashion, right-of-centre students are left to contemplate about academia’s former self.

Toronto man loses driver’s licence after disclosing marijuana use to doctor

A Toronto man lost his Ontario driver’s licence after admitting to a doctor he smokes marijuana on a daily basis.

The man, age 53, provided part of his medical file and other information to Global News for examination but asked not to be publicly identified out of concern for his employment.

The $8,000 intelligent toilet is as completely ridiculous as it sounds

Kohler presented its latest technology in a dramatic video claiming that “it’s your bathroom – shouldn’t it be as individual as you?” – and individual it certainly is. To accommodate your every restroom preference, Kohler’s toilet can perform such vital tasks such as automatic deodorisation, hands-free opening and closing of the lid, as well as adjusting water temperature, pressure and spray.

United Nations grapples with financial woes, decline in global influence

The United Nations says it’s running out of cash, with a budget deficit that comes as experts observe a steady decline in the organization’s influence in many parts of the world.

Late last week, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned that member states have been slow to pay their dues to the UN, with 81 countries still owing a total of $810 million to the world body as of late July.