Can Red and Blue State America Coexist?

The last several weeks and months Democrats have demonstrated for all to see what a radical party they’ve become. The left wants 70 percent tax rates, an end to the First and Second Amendment rights, massive new government spending, an end to fossil fuel production, a government takeover of the healthcare system, an end to the Electoral College so they can win more elections and make states irrelevant, open borders, free everything, abortion on demand, impeachment of Donald Trump, and on and on.

Moreover, the ideological split in America between the values and economic operating systems of red states and blue states is more pronounced than an anytime in 150 years. It is as if we were two nations today: Red State America and Blue State America. Can we continue to coexist as one nation? We now live in a country in which blue state America believes Trump is an illegitimate president and where states like California toyed with the idea of secession. If Trump wins again (which I believe is likely) the anger and rage on both liberal coasts could turn into violence. Red state America will be just as frightened and rebellious if our next president is another far left liberal like Barack Obama — or worse.