Brian Lilley, now Toronto Sun columnist, on Ford courting the auto sector

From Taylor Blewett at the Ottawa Citizen:

Beyond the News with Brian Lilley began airing weeknights on CRFA in 2016. Lilley came to the show after a four-year stint at the now-defunct Sun News Network, where he hosted Byline with Brian Lilley, according to a Bell Media press release announcing the show at the time.

“After hosting my own radio and TV show and writing a national column for Sun papers for five years most people know where I stand,” Lilley writes on his website.

“I lean conservative but that doesn’t mean I won’t call them out.”More.

His column today is on Ford and the Ontario auto sector:

One message he says he will push at the Detroit auto show is that Ontario is peeling back the mountain of regulations that have piled up over the decades.

“One of the big things they talk about is all the regulations. There are more than 380,000 regulations, many of them duplicates with the federal government. We’re going to knock off 25% of the regulations,” Ford said.

The premier says he will ask executives in the auto sector to send him the regulations that are duplicates of federal rules or that make no sense and he will look at what can be done. More.

Reality check: Needless to say, it costs money to hire bureaucrats to come up with useless regulation and it costs money and sacrifices competitiveness to comply with it. But can you imagine Ontario being business-friendly again? Won’t it feel almost obscene to a lot of Correct people?

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