U must pay profs big bucks for trying to shut down their blog

From Ethan Berman at The College Fix:

Chicago State University could have settled a First Amendment lawsuit by faculty members for $60,000 and some changes to its policies related to speech.

Instead, the public university chose to fight the suit for more than four years. It has now agreed to pay more than 10 times as much and make similar policy changes in a settlement finalized just before the new year.

Professors Robert Bionaz and Philip Beverly filed the lawsuit in 2014, after several attempts by the university to take down their blog, CSU Faculty Voice. More.

Reality check: It’s a big loss for Illinois taxpayers, of course. If Illinois were a less corrupt place, it would refuse to fund any university that does not adhere to and enforce the Chicago Statement.

A university should operate in a way that clearly distinguishes it from a cult.

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