Turning contented liberals into liberated conservatives

From Kira Davis at Townhall:

Day after day it seems we are watching happily progressive celebrities be swallowed up by the standards they themselves championed. No one ever thinks that they will run afoul of the progressive mobs, but that is the slippery slope of censorship. Once you make it okay for the truly “horrible” people, it’s not long before it becomes okay for the sort of horrible people, and then the maybe horrible people and then it’s just a free-for-all for anything that makes anyone feel sort of, kind of, maybe uncomfortable for a moment.

The progressive left should be very careful. Look to Dave Rubin for what can happen to a person’s mindset when they are constantly and unfairly admonished for having independent thoughts. The space to the right of center is filled with people just like Rubin. I am one of them.

Most of the Hollywood left think their activist status gives them immunity. Ellen is living proof that it does not. More.

Reality check: If the progressive movement follows the usual law of leftist movements, what will actually happen is that top celebs will start accusing and immolating themselves, like the sheep and geese in Animal Farm.

See also: Mark Steyn on why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes is popular despite math troubles He understands her appeal to people who have experienced hardship and don’t want to think about causes, effects, solutions, and unintended consequences.