Evening Photos + Cat

(1) Winter sunset on Lake St Francois (Lambton, Quebec) by Yvon Lacaille

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(2) Misty Forest (Chelyabinsk Region, Russia) by Marat Akhmetvaleev

(3) Fall color (Japanese Garden, Portland, Oregon) by Rob Eztel

(4) Emerald Lake Lodge (Yoho, BC) by Erik McRitchie (@erikmcr)

(5) Grain elevator museum (Nanton, Alberta) by Bernard Spragg

(6*) Bluebells on a hillside (Winkworth Arboretum, Busbridge, England) by Adrian Pink

(7) Cold dawn (North Chuy Range, Altai, Russia) by Yuri Pertsov

(8) Autumn colors (Sweden) by Carina Eklund (@carek74)

(9) Rough Sea at Bandon Beach (Oregon) by Mark Bowen

(10) The North-Chuya Range (Altai Republic, Russia) by Dmitry Antipov

(11) Late summer (Plitvice Park, Croatia) by Norbert Liesz

(12) Zürich in winter (Switzerland) by Kael Rebick (@punkodelish)

(Bonus) Camouflage: Tortoiseshell in autumn by nettisrb

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A photo numbered with an asterisk, for example, (2*), means it is a knowing reuse of an older photo. There are some that been unknowingly reused. One scenario is caused by photographers posting their material to more than one platform. I use “like” to indicate that I have pinned that photo. Clearly, if they have the same photo on another platform, there is nothing but my imperfect memory to guide me.


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