Remember When Starbucks Caved And Opened Their Bathrooms To Non-Customers? Here’s How That Worked Out.

There are so many contrived outrages in a given week, let alone a year, that it can be hard to recall any individual instance of outrage after it has already passed. But the infamous Starbucks bathroom outrage was so phony, so absurd, and so disconnected from anything resembling logic or reason, that it deserves to be remembered.

I have two Starbucks within 300 yards of my building, plus a Tims, the only time they have been used is during a domestic internet outage. I like their product don’t get me wrong but it’s cheaper to brew at home by far. For all their effort a “Woke” Starbucks location is often featured on the news having been wrecked during Antifa riots so there’s that.