Hitler v Mohammed Comparison Sparks Scholarly Debate At U of Ottawa

Islamophobic posters distributed at the University of Ottawa

“On Nov. 30, the University of Ottawa issued an email notifying students about racist and homophobic (Ed. Is everything Homophobic nowadays?) posters distributed on campus.

After receiving complaints and concerns from U of O students, the Human Rights Office and Protection services said it “acted immediately to remove all of the posters around campus.”

The posters feature an image of Adolf Hitler and the Islamic prophet Muhammad, listing the two figures based on their alleged similarities and differences.

One point of similarity listed on the posters reads, “both hated Jews and ordered their massacre.” On their differences another point says that Hitler “personally killed no one while in power,” whereas Muhammad “beheaded many while in power.”

Don’t know what the fuss is about, there’s little to choose between the two frankly, although that liking dogs thing is a plus for Hitler in the Mr. Congeniality department.

h/t Marvin