Mark Steyn on why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes is popular despite math troubles

From Mark Steyn at Tippy Toppy Tripping at his blog:

He understands her appeal to people who have experienced hardship and don’t want to think about causes, effects, solutions, and unintended consequences.

Reality check: Ocasio-Cortes is tapping into a mood you might not understand if you are over 30.

In my own work, I often encounter the fact that schools today do not emphasize the teaching of fact. That attitude has begun to affect the sciences as well as other disciplines. Students are not to be graded on correct answers; math and science discussions should emphasize and incorporate social justice perspectives; group work should replace individual concentration.

In this environment, vast numbers of young people with degrees do not know very much, do not know how to learn, and do not see why they even should.

Ocasio-Cortes strikes a chord with them in a way that older women who just learned algebra and passed it – and then majored in something else – do not understand. Many younger women are looking for someone to validate their learned helplessness as true strength, their ignorance as true understanding, and their prejudices as true virtue. Together, they can make America bait again.

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