That dangerous group, the Knights of Columbus

In connection with an American nominated for a Nebraska judgeship, who was flagged by Democrats as problematic because he is a member of the Knights of Columbus. From Helen Raleigh at The Federalist:

The first thing I learned: this group is an intersectionalist nightmare. It is made up of 100 percent Catholic men. I was not able to find any members who were Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, or Sikh. Unfortunately, I learned that this lack of diversity affected every aspect of what they do.

This group likes to say that they are devoted to service. What I found, though, is that they often prey on some of our most vulnerable. One member I talked to commits to drive some elderly community members to Catholic Mass every week. Obviously, he viewed this as a way to brainwash some of our most vulnerable. More.

Reality check: Satire aside, Catholics who vote for Democrats have created the problem for themselves and that should limit sympathy for them.

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