New York State war on private education

From Avner Zarmi at PJ Media:

Under substantial pressure from an organization called Young Advocates for Fair Education (YAFFED), which has actually filed suit against NYSED to try to force the matter, NYSED recently issued detailed guidelines concerning its interpretation of “substantially equivalent.” The guidelines contain a precise syllabus that must be followed, and also dictate how many hours per week are to be devoted to each of the secular subjects by grade level.

The result threw the world of private education in New York into a tizzy. Most glaringly, the guidance from NYSED required 35 hours a week of secular studies in grades 5 through 8 — a requirement which would have left virtually no time for sacred studies, the raison d’être of religious schools. More.

Reality check: Intense pressure got the government stance softened. The main thing to see here is that, in a state with some appallingly failing schools, there would be an attack on private schooling not noted for failure.

Progressive educators probably will not be satisfied until the yeshiva students are performing at the level of the kids who have been protected from science, math, and evaluation in general. But what happens if that doesn’t happen?  They’ll need to find another pretext.

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