New progressive mantra: Don’t judge the quality of students’ writing when grading

From Jeremiah Poff at The College Fix:

American University is hosting a seminar next month to teach faculty how to assess writing without judging its quality. In the seminar’s own words: “grading ain’t just grading.”

It’s led by Asao Inoue, a University of Washington-Tacoma professor, and the purpose is to pursue “antiracist ends” through writing assessments. …

In another paper, “A Grade-less Writing Course that Focuses on Labor and Assessing,” Inoue argues that writing teachers should “calculate course grades by labor completed and dispense almost completely with judgments of quality when producing course grades.” More.

Reality check: That fits right in with the objective of providing jobs for loyal union members who landed up in teaching subjects they couldn’t get a job in. If it works for everyone but the student, that’s just gravy because the student then becomes just another helpless, aggrieved marcher in SJW demos for whatever progressives want next. What choice has the kid got?

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