Women’s mags dying, not much missed now

From Lavanya Ramanathan at SFGate:

In late November, Glamour came to the same conclusion reached by so many other women’s magazines these days: After 80 years in mailboxes and grocery store checkouts, it will stop publishing its glossy monthly, ending with the January issue. For Glamour, print is officially dead, the inexorable “pivot to digital” now complete. More.

From Helen Smith at PJ Media:

These magazines used to be entertaining and fun and appeal to a variety of women, now they are all about politics and, frankly, boring even to those who agree with them. And these magazines’ main feat seems to have been that they gave highflying media careers to female journalists who served as foot soldiers for the left. Why are they entitled to such privilege?More.

Reality check: Trees, you have a reprieve. Let the forests wave majestic once again. In digital format, these mags will be lost in the crowd because most women are connecting in different ways now. And maybe have different concerns.

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