New Distracted Driving Laws Are RACIST Says CBC

Distracted driving law could target minorities, advocates warn

Civil liberty advocates warn that Ontario’s new distracted driving law could disproportionately affect racial minorities.

Tougher penalties for texting and driving in the province came into effect Jan. 1. Drivers caught talking, texting, dialing or emailing on handheld devices can now be fined up to $1,000.

But there are concerns that the law could allow police to target specific groups over others.

“Is this another reason to pull over black folk that are driving and minding their own business?” asked Ottawa community advocate Richard Sharpe.

OK we’ll make special laws for Black people… wait that’s racist!

Some crank with an ax to grind and a thirst for publicity makes up a bogus charge of racism and the CBC says Yea Brother! Fight The Power! That’s how “news” is made in Canada. The sub-text – all law is “white man’s law” and inherently racist.

The CBC – not my culture.