Why the Fuss? Kathleen Wynne beat them to it… Islamic Party of Ontario supports imposition of Sharia Law

Jawed Anwar’s party is the least of our concerns when it comes to sharia creep. Islam’s useful idiots within our political class are a greater threat.

The Islamic Party of Ontario is a symptom of the cultural suicide masquerading as diversity and multiculturalism imposed upon Canadians and enforced by the political class. Islam does not do integration. Useful idiots like Kathleen Wynne happily supported the implementation of Islam’s vile sharia law in Ontario Schools for Muslim votes. Islamists are allowed to perform their unvetted cult rituals on school property during school hours. Menstruating school girls are declared “unclean” during these rites and segregated from the other child captives of the cult.   This is the Canada of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal party.

Girls are segregated as a matter of course during the performance of Muslim cult rituals at the TDSB’s Valley Park school. Menstruating girls are further demonized as unclean under this barbaric sharia law sanctioned practice.