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Trump says he will be ‘proud’ to shut down the government for YEARS if he doesn’t get his Mexican wall and says he might declare a NATIONAL EMERGENCY to build it as ‘contentious’ White House talks end in stalemate

Donald Trump told Congressional leaders Friday that he will shut down the government for ‘months or even years’ if he does not get money for his border wall with Mexico — and said he was ‘proud’ to do it because it’s ‘the right thing.’

Trump’s threat was first disclosed by Chuck Schumer, the Senate minority leader, during a news conference outside the White House. He accused the president of holding federal workers ‘hostage’ for the wall and urged him to continue the conversation with the government open.

Joe Scarborough Calls For 25th Amendment After Trump Cabinet Meeting, Says President Is ‘Not Fit To Hold The Office’

President Donald Trump’s behavior at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday is cause enough to invoke the 25th amendment and see him removed from office, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough has argued. During a wide-ranging cabinet meeting attended by reporters on Wednesday, the president made a number of controversial statements on topics from the Soviet Union to the partial government shutdown.

On Thursday’s Morning Joe program, Scarborough told his co-host Mika Brzezinski: “If we had a cabinet that was filled with people with more character” and “had a House and a Senate that took their job seriously, there would be people going up to the White House this morning saying, ‘Mr. president, questions abound whether you are fit for this office.'”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi Says She’s Entrusted to Serve ‘in the Spirit of St. Francis’

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.), who was elected Speaker of the House this afternoon, said in her speech accepting the position that she intends to serve “in the spirit of St. Francis.”

“Let me especially thank my constituents in San Francisco, who have entrusted me to represent them in Congress in the spirit of Saint Francis, our patron saint–whose song of Saint Francis is our anthem: ‘Lord, make me a channel of thy peace’–as we beautifully sang in church this morning,” Pelosi said.

Paul Krugman warns the so-called ‘Trump Boom’ is over and as we head for a ‘significant slowdown’

In January 3 post on Twitter—where he has around 4.5 million followers—Krugman stressed, “Everyone’s focused on the political news, as they should be. But there’s some important economic news, too, and not just the market having another fainting spell: it’s becoming clear that the Trump boom, such as it was, is over.”

A separate Krugman tweet was equally bearish, noting, “Very recent data and leading indicators suggest a significant slowdown currently underway—not a recession, but growth probably under 2 percent.”

The Democrats have taken over the House of Representatives and the worst possible people are now in charge.

Kakistocracy is a badly underused word which needs to make a major comeback this year, as it is perfectly descriptive of the cabal of loons, clowns, demagogues, crooks and halfwits who are now in charge of the House of Representatives.

The literal definition of the word is a system of government which is run by the worst, least qualified, or most unscrupulous citizens. It’s been around for a few hundred years, but overtaken by others perhaps more colorful to describe slimeball government. Kleptocracy, for example, has a real ring to it.