AfD bombing suspects released for lack of evidence

Three men suspected of involvement in the AfD office bombing in Döbeln were set free after German prosecutors decided there was not enough evidence to issue a detention order, authorities in the German state of Saxony said.

However, the three German nationals were still considered suspects for the Thursday evening blast, according to the public broadcaster MDR Sachsen. Police said the men were aged 29, 32, and 50 and were residents of Döbeln, where the attack took place.

Authorities believe perpetrators detonated an “unknown substance” that damaged the door and the window frame of the AfD’s Döbeln office. The blast also set ablaze advertising materials inside the office, and damaged two vans parked in front of it. No injuries were reported.

Max Pechstein – Poster for periodical An die Laterne (To the Lamp Post) 1919
Pechstein, one of the most politically engaged artists of the early postwar period, made this poster to advertise the short-lived journal An die Laterne (To the lamp post), which promoted the incumbent Social Democratic Party. Its image of clenched-fisted, flag-carrying protestors—probably communists—marching past a man hanged from a lamppost was a warning against the mob violence and anarchy that threatened to destabilize the fledgling Weimar Republic.