At the Rebel: Transgender James Bond a foregone flop

David Menzies tells us:

After the upcoming Bond #25 is released later this year, it Mr. Craig will be hanging up his tux, and so the hunt begins for a new actor to portray James Bond, and actor Dominic West is suggesting that the next Bond should be a transsexual. But why?

Apparently, because he thinks “That would be cool.”David Menzies, “Why “trans-Bond” will transform $7B movie franchise into a sinkhole” at Rebel Buzz

Reality check: At one time, the “woke” were saying and doing transgressive things that many people really liked, even if they felt guilty about it. But who wants to trade Bond and Pussy for Zhe and Zher? The people who want to see Zhe and Zher probably didn’t particularly want to see Bond and Pussy. There’s no crossover business.

So it’ll be telling if this foregone flop gets made.

Hollywood has lost touch with the paying customer but doesn’t care, probably because it’s doomed. Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before new technologies will put cinematography within the reach of many more aspiring filmmakers, some of whom will tackle a new Bond whom many customers would pay to see. And Hollywood can, of course, make whatever films it likes, as long as it can afford to.

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