Far-right group patrols German city after migrant assaults

A German far-right group has carried out street patrols in the Bavarian town of Amberg where four asylum-seekers allegedly attacked a dozen passers-by over the weekend.

The Nuremberg branch of the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD) posted pictures on its Facebook page of people in red vests with the words “We’re creating safe zones” walking through the streets of Amberg.

The town’s mayor, Michael Cerny, expressed “shock” to learn the NPD was trying to create “safe spaces” in Amberg, where he said there was no far-right scene.

“I can understand the uncertainty seen in some of the reactions of some Ambergers, but the hatred and the threats of violence from all over the country go way too far,” Cerny told the local daily Mittelbayerische Zeitung.

After incidents of violence perpetrated by Merkel’s Muslims too numerous to list I find it hard to believe the Mayor of Amberg is shocked! Shocked at the public’s reaction!