Military says it’s aware of 30 members who hold ‘discriminatory’ views

…In recent years, several high-profile incidents of military personnel associated with far-right groups have forced the Canadian Armed Forces to confront the problem. In the most prominent of the cases, five Canadian Forces members — each of them members of the “Proud Boys” movement who proclaim their “Western chauvinism” — disrupted an Indigenous protest in Halifax.

An investigation last year by Radio-Canada found about 75 Armed Forces members were part of a private Facebook group associated with anti-immigration and anti-Islam views.

Imagine that, being a nationalist or objecting to bad immigration policy,  sharia law, female genital mutilation, honour killings and the murder of everyone from  homosexuals to apostates as sanctioned by Islam gets you labelled as “far-right” & “extremist” in Canada’s new and improved “Armed Forces”