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Doctors pen ‘social prescriptions’ aimed at easing depression, loneliness in patients

The concept — prescribing a social activity like taking a yoga class, visiting an art gallery or joining a knitting circle — has proven to be an effective tool in the U.K., where research has shown that not only do patients benefit from a mental-health boost, but many also end up with reduced medications and find less need to visit their doctors.

The Lost Opportunity

This election year, volatile electorate could bedevil Trudeau’s Liberals, Scheer’s Conservatives

Canadian voters unhappy with the political status quo have always been willing to shake things up and in 2019, there’s a better-than-even chance that a preference to turn electoral politics upside down will be a major factor in the country’s 43rd general election.

Volatility and unpredictability among a growing group of voters across the country, who are ready to take new chances with their ballots, promises to be one of the biggest challenges with which the two leading establishment parties — Justin Trudeau’s Liberals and Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives — will have to contend.

The government of Canada makes saying ‘Thank You’ illegal

The new initiative, which will forever change the way that Canadians express appreciation for each other, will make Canada more inclusive, says its staunchest proponent, Heather Tiffany Anderson.

“Okay, no. I’m triggered,” Anderson said after Pat Kelly thanked her for coming on the program.

“You’ve affronted me with your thanks,” she said. Anderson believes that the phrase ‘Thank You’ places too much emphasis on the singular accomplishes of an individual.

Macron Slams Yellow Vests: “Hate-Filled Mob Targeting Politicians, Jews and Homosexuals”

French President Emmanuel Macron used his traditional New Year’s Eve speech as a very direct warning to the ‘Yellow Vest’ protesters, without ever naming their movement during his comments broadcast around France.

Mr Macron, standing up while delivering and seen making angry arm gestures, sounded a warning to the French, claiming that ‘extreme elements’ had started to mingle among what he called ‘anti-government protesters.’

The biggest political story of the year in the Great White North

What was Canada’s biggest political story of 2018? In my opinion, when all four levels of government were briefly involved in one small area of public policy debate.

It started when Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservative government announced on July 27 that it would decrease the number of city council seats in Toronto from 47 to 25. This would match the number of federal and provincial seats in the city, and save Toronto taxpayers roughly $25 million over four years.