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Christians, Stop Saying Jesus Is The Son Of God. It Provokes Muslims

Buried in the concluding paragraphs of a Christmas Eve Washington Times report about Muslims in Uganda forcing Christians to convert to Islam was the extraordinary revelation that in that country, Muslims now consider any public statement of the Christian Faith to be a calculated insult to Muslims, for which they can justifiably exact revenge. This is, or should be, sobering news for the comfortable Christians of the West who have made an idol out of “interfaith dialogue” and fastidiously avoid saying anything remotely critical about Islam, even as the Muslim persecution of Christians continues worldwide.

Lawyers worried about proposed ‘knee-jerk reaction’ changes to Canada’s Criminal Code

Calgary lawyer Balfour Der, who has worked as both a prosecutor and a defence lawyer for 38 years, said the proposed changes are a knee-jerk reaction in part to the acquittal by an all-white jury of a Saskatchewan farmer in the shooting death of a 22-year-old Cree man.

“It’s a reaction of the government to satisfy an interest group which may have been complaining after this,” he said in a recent interview.

Western Canada crowdfunds 700 truck convoy from Alberta to Ottawa in protest of Justin Trudeau

As Western Canada’s resentment towards Justin Trudeau has grown, so too have the number of protests against him. Notably, ones featuring convoys. Now, the biggest convoy yet is in the works, aiming to go from Red Deer all the way to Parliament in Ottawa.

An auld lang syne review of the worst predictions about Trump

As we look ahead to Year Three of the Trump presidency, there are countless predictions about what lies ahead. Will he be impeached, enjoy huge success, or serve a second term? (Or all of the above?)

One thing we know for sure is that we can’t tell the future by relying on those who have made outlandishly bad predictions in the past. So before we become engulfed by the inevitable discussions and debates about what’s going to happen in 2019 and beyond, here’s an auld lang syne walk down memory lane, looking at 11 of the most wildly inaccurate predictions involving Donald Trump’s candidacy and presidency.

New taxes, wage hikes and more: 49 new laws across Canada in 2019

Some changes are tiny and bureaucratic. Others will fundamentally change the country. The federal and provincial governments have announced numerous new rules for 2019. Most federal, provincial and territorial laws come into force immediately after their passage and assent. But legislation requiring greater planning or notice is typically delayed to allow affected parties time to prepare. Here are 49 new laws that come into effect across Canada in 2019. They range from the arrival of a federal carbon-tax plan to a fee for plastic bags in Prince Edward Island.