Elizabeth Warren declares she is running for US President

From Astead W. Herndon and Alexander Burns at New York Times:

While Ms. Warren’s stinging attacks on Mr. Trump and Wall Street have helped make her a favorite of grass-roots liberals, she also faces challenges as a presidential candidate: controversy over a DNA test to prove her Native American heritage, skepticism from the party establishment and a lack of experience in a national race. The editorial board of The Boston Globe, her hometown newspaper, recently urged her not to run for president, saying she had become “a divisive figure” and had “missed her moment” to run for the White House in 2016.

Ms. Warren’s prospects may also depend, in part, on which Democrats decide to run. Like other white liberals in a historically diverse field, Ms. Warren may have to work harder to win over black primary voters. African-American Democrats have played a decisive role in settling the last two open contests for the party’s nomination, and Ms. Warren is expected to be competing against her party’s only two black senators, Ms. Harris and Mr. Booker. More.

Reality check: Okay, so she is now definitely a “white” woman again, according to the Paper of Record.

Actually, what she is doing is fairly clever. To judge from this announcement, which I received by e-mail,

“Our country needs a 2020 Democratic nominee defined by bold, inclusive populist ideas and a vision for the future of the country that wins the support of the New American Majority of people of color and progressive white voters.

“Senator Elizabeth Warren’s formal entrance into the 2020 race for President today helps launch what we believe will be a vibrant discussion of bold, inclusive populist ideas in the Democratic Primary, and we look forward to the wide array of progressive candidates that we expect to join her in it in the year ahead.” — Charles Chamberlain, Executive Director, Democracy for America

she’ll lose the Fauxcahontas label by appealing to “progressive white voters” (= you are a racist if you bring up the fact that she allowed herself to be portrayed as a native American, preventing someone who relaly is a native American from having the diversity label). Actually, in that crowd, the strategy will probably work.

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