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NHL totem poles called ‘blatant cultural appropriation’ pulled from some stores

Hockey-themed totem poles have been removed from shelves at nine Lawtons drugstore locations across Nova Scotia, following a complaint that called them “blatant cultural appropriation.”

Rebecca Thomas, who is Mi’kmaw and a former Halifax poet laureate, noticed the items and tweeted at the company.

She wrote on Twitter that the items are “awful appropriative pieces of trash” that undermine West Coast Indigenous culture.

B.C. Children’s Hospital claims they don’t require parental consent for child’s testosterone injections

In a technocratic totalitarian country, one of the first and most important tasks is to gain control over the nation’s children.

Of all the foundations upon which free societies are built, the most commonly overlooked and yet one of the most critically important in terms of protecting a diversity of belief is the protection of parental rights.

We have entered a stage in history when this important bulwark against the rise of totalitarianism is under direct assault.

Environmentalists Threaten To Sue Macron for Caving to Yellow Vest Protesters

Environmentalists are threatening to sue French President Emmanuel Macron for eliminating stiff carbon taxes after a grassroots movement opposed to the measure spurred several mass protests.

Greenpeace and three other organization initiated a lawsuit on Dec. 18 claiming France is not doing enough to tackle climate change. The organizations are giving the government two months to formulate a response, after which they will move forward with their lawsuit. The legal pursuit puts Macron in a bind.

Canadian religious activist stokes false hope of sanctuary among Tijuana migrants

The news spread quickly among the Central American migrants gathered at the U.S.-Mexico border in Tijuana: A Canadian archbishop had come to the city to say he would ask Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to create a special program to accept members of the migrant caravan.

At a November news conference, Leonardo Marin-Saavedra announced he was preparing a proposal for the Canadian government to airlift migrants to Canada, or charter a boat to take them to Vancouver or request that the United States allow busloads of migrants to travel north to the Canadian border.

California’s politics are about to get even crazier in 2019 (but there’s a silver lining for the GOP)

The Golden State has long been a leader in innovative technology, creative entertainment and global thought leadership on environmental issues. But while California leads in high-level progressive ideology, it struggles with basic math and common sense – and the dire consequences of those deficiencies are about to be exposed.